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kurilian bobtail

The KURILIAN BOBTAIL is the perfect cat!

It is graceful, strong and healthy. It is loyal, smart and playful.

It has a wild look, silky fur and small tail.

It looks like WILD LYNX ...but this wild beast is gentle and kind.

KURILIAN BOBTAIL is the perfect cat for YOU!

kurylski bobtail

We guarantee the authenticity of the documents and the purebred origin of our kittens.

All kittens have ID, pedigree and an international passport.


The cats of our cattery are regularly examined, vaccinated on time and properly fed.

All our cats live with us in exceptional care and love, participate in our daily activities and communicate with each other.

It is possible to deliver a kitten to any country in the world.

Kittens leave the cattery no earlier than 12 weeks.

By this time, they are fully vaccinated, socialized, accustomed to the tray and scratching post.

курильский бобтейл

Kuril Bobtail cattery REAL FRIEND is registered in WORLD CAT FEDERATION and International Association of Cat Lovers ROLANDUS UNION INTERNATION.

cattery WCF
best of the best WCF 2024

Breeding work in our cattery is carried out in accordance with the breed standard.
The purpose of our breeding is to obtain healthy, psychologically balanced offspring, superior in type to their parents.
We do our best so that when you take a kitten from us, you get only positive emotions, so that you love him and be proud of him!

bobtail cat

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